- no longer in service

This IdP is no longer in Service

11:00AM, Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

The web site that directed you here is using a deprecated Identity Provider (IdP): (deprecated).

If you were redirected here by a login request from another web site, that site would be a Service Provider; an SP. SPs use an Identity Provider to authenticate users, which allows you to log in with your institutional username and authentication. This web site ( was once UToronto's institutional Identity Provider (IdP). But it has been deprecated for more than two years.

This service has been maintained to give Service Providers time to switch to the new service. If you are seeing this page, then a Service Provider has failed to switch to the current University of Toronto production Identity Provider: We have made several attempts to contact admins for these SPs.

Fixing the Problem

The full fix is to have the web site that directed you here use the proper IdP. Service Providers should use our production Identity Provider:

You might have chosen "University of Toronto" from a list, but this IdP should have been explicitly labelled deprecated and the list should have a simple "University of Toronto" not labelled as deprecated. If you go back to the web site and choose that "University of Toronto" option, you should be directed to the proper service.

But we have found an offered list of institutions that presents only the deprecated IdP. This should not happen, but it's not possible for us to control that.

For help with correcting this, you might attempt to contact admins for the web site that directed you here. You can also notify Please help us by providing a link to the web page that directed you here.